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What is Hypno-Analysis & Analytical Therapy?

Each session is unique to each individual person, but the process of therapy remains the same from one person to the next. It is important to remember that Analytical Therapy aims to seek out the root cause of the symptom and remove it, causing a full and lasting cure from the symptom, which has clear and lasting benefits which last for life.  

Analysis looks very deeply at allowing a person to explore (with free association) memories and events, which may regress back into childhood, to find memories and sometimes traumatic experiences which are at the root cause of the symptom. Your therapist will provide professional support, advice and guidance all the way to ensure that the root cause is dismissed, allowing for a full and natural cure from the symptoms it was creating.

What Happens During An Analytical Therapy Session?

Your therapist will help you reach a very relaxed state of mind using Hypnosis to help you fully relax, then ask you to let your mind drift to find the root cause of your symptoms, you will be gently encouraged to say the very first thing which enters your mind, known as “free association”.  

Using the technique of “free association” allows the sub-conscious mind to gently release into the conscious intellect, memories, events and emotion which had been creating the very root cause of your symptoms.

Along the way your therapist may use differing techniques to encourage this process. Your therapist may use other techniques to aid recall such as dream analysis, hypnotic suggestion for ease of recall and offer other therapy techniques for recall.

Treatment with ‘Focused Shock Wave Therapy’ for Peyronie’s disease AND Erectile Dysfunction is extremely easy and non-invasive.

It usually takes just six treatments (two per week – for three weeks) each treatment only takes 20 minutes.

There are no side effects, treatment is completely private and confidential. It is completely painless, while proven to be extremely effective in medical trials, and frequently gives you a new future and your whole life back!

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If you are suitable for treatment with Shock Wave Therapy, getting your life and sex-life back with the treatment is simple, easy, painless and normally completed in just three weeks.

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