Providing Specialist Peyronie’s Treatment’s – Including “Focused Shockwave Therapy. New cutting edge treatment from Storz Medical – changing the lives of thousands of men!

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Specialists In 'Ground Breaking,' Cutting Edge Technologies From Storz Medical Focused Shock Wave Treatment, For Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie's Disease & Pelvic Pain Syndrome.


Specialists In Peyronie’s Disease & Erectile Dysfunction Treatments. Including Ground-Breaking, Cutting-Edge Technologies from Storz Medical Focused Shockwave Treatment. 

Specialist Shockwave Treatment is quick, easy, pain free, has no down time, with successful results for Peyronie's and Erectile Dysfunction from just 6 treatments... 

Our Senior Specialist Consultant has more than 30 years experience in Peyronie’s & Erectile Dysfunction and offers you a FREE initial consultation. Call now for full details, or to assess your symptoms & suitability. 

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The Secret To Successful Treatment Is Here At York Therapy Centre!


 Where experience and best quality care are making life changing differences that last.

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Medical Trials Reveal New 'Focused Shock Wave Therapy’ Is A Huge Success For Thousands Of Men Suffering From E.D. & Peyronie's Disease & Pelvic Pain Syndrome:

Six, Quick, Easy, Pain-Free Treatments. Life Changing Treatment For Men Of All Ages.

Treatment plans are simple and tailored to your symptoms.

Focused Shock Wave Therapy treatment is a "Life Changing Success." Returning an active, spontaneous and sustained sex-life.

It's quick, easy, pain free, non-invasive, with no down time. Just 6 or more treatments will probably change your whole life!

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With more than 30 years experience in Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Dysfunction…You’re at the right place.

Specialist Peyronie’s Disease Treatments : Cutting edge Medical Treatment that Lasts...

Successful Peyronie’s Disease and Erectile Dysfunction treatment with specialist focused shockwave treatment, is easy, pain free and can be successful in just 6 treatments!

Multiple types of treatments alongside Shockwave is the secret to successful treatment outcomes for Peyronie’s sufferers. Shockwave treatment removes plaque & allows elasticity within the tissue. When used in conjunction and alongside other treatments, we can find 90% success in significant improvements, returning most men to an active and confident life! 

The secret to successful treatment is here at York Therapy Centre.

Medical trials and new discoveries in Focused Shockwave therapy are both exciting and hugely successful; This amazing technology is non-invasive, simple, quick, pain free and very successful in most men.

Shockwave Treatment is transforming the lives of countless men suffering from Peyronie’s disease and associated Erectile Dysfunction (E.D,) while saving thousands of other men from invasive, irreversible and often unwanted surgical procedures, its success is returning thousands of men to spontaneous, sustained and naturally occurring erections and for men of all ages.

Success Rates For Peyronie’s Disease?

Success rates are impressive, but are dependent on individual intensity of symptoms… i.e, Peyronie’s disease sufferers with a 30 to 80 degree bend may require anything between 6 to 18 Shockwave treatments with a combination of other types of treatments to see significant success desired.

Shockwave treatment breaks down plaque and allows underlying scarring to become malleable, introducing other treatments at this specific point in treatment is the secret to achieving a successful conclusion for more than 90% of our patients, here at York Therapy Center.

Medical Trials Reveal New 'Focused Shock Wave Therapy’ A Huge Success For thousands of men suffering from E.D. & Peyronie's Disease & Pelvic Pain Syndrome: Because It Fixes The Root Cause - Not Just The Symptom!

Six, Quick, Easy, Pain-Free Treatments. Life Changing Treatment For Men Of All Ages.

York Therapy Centre was created by its Senior Specialist Consultant Mr A. Wood in October 1992. His successful treatments, therapies and cures are recognised and continue to be highly recommended by doctors.
Today, Mr Wood’s 30 years of experience finds him a leader in his specialist fields of Psychosomatic Illness, E.D. and Peyronie's Disease. His private practice (York Therapy Centre) continues to be sought after by doctors and patients alike, while he and other therapists continue to specialise in Physical and Psychological Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease and Psychosomatic Illness.

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The Latest Treatment From ‘Storz Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Technologies Is Here At York Therapy Centre.’

Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie’s Disease & Pelvic Pain Syndrome can be soul-destroying illnesses, which affect millions of men all over the World.

E.D. and/or Peyronie’s Disease can be deeply hurtful, very frustrating and an emotionally consuming experience. But today, there are answers to nearly all of these symptoms.
It’s important for you to know that nearly ALL Erectile Dysfunction and Peyronie’s Disease can be treated, using many different methods, ranging from medication (Blue Pills), to Traction and Pump devices, through to Focused Shock Wave Treatments, and even last resort measures such as surgical implants. It is simply a case of finding a specialist Centre like ours, to guide you to the options and pathways to recovery. Please realise that most men do recover to an active sex life, whether by pills, traction, pumps, Shock Wave Treatment or surgery. It is my goal, to help you find your old self again… 

Mr A. Wood

Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.) and Peyronie’s Disease, affects 50% of men over 40 years old and many who are younger too. If you suffer, you are certainly not alone.  

There are many reasons behind the cause of E.D. Almost all root causes of E.D. lead to one common factor in Erectile Dysfunction… ‘A lack of sustained blood supply to the penis’. Rectifying this common factor of sustained blood supply is the answer to cure or fix E.D. for millions of men.

Exciting New Therapy And Life Changing Treatment With ‘Shock Wave Therapy’ For Peyronie’s disease, Erectile Dysfunction And So Much More.

York Therapy Centre is delighted to offer this new and Game Changing Technology‘Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Treatment’, It’s changing the lives of thousands of men all over the World, not only for fixing E.D. and Peyronie’s Disease in men, but also with breaking down scar tissue, reducing cellulite and eradicating chronic pain syndromes too.
It works by creating a Micro-Trauma in the focused areas being treated. This Micro-trauma, breaks down plaque and scar tissue (1st developed to smash kidney stones in the 1980’s without surgery or anesthetic) while regenerating the bodies own natural healing to the focused area.  

Young men, to men in their 90’s, are discovering freedom from their symptoms and are benefiting from these technologies for E.D. and Peyronie’s Disease.

Our treatment plans are tailored to individual needs, from Peyronie’s disease, erectile dysfunction to erectile performance enhancement, through to sufferers from chronic pain, and/or long-term erectile problems.

Treatment With Shock Wave Is Easy And Private.

Just 6 easy and painless Shock Wave Therapy Treatments, are changing the lives of men suffering E.D every day! 

This video link explains E.D. & Shock Wave Therapy; A must watch for all men.

American E.D. Specialist, Mr Alex Tatem.

He takes the words right out of my mouth and explains ‘everything’ (even the machine we use) perfectly.

The same process, care and therapy, here at our treatment Centre in the UK!

York Therapy Centre

This new and exciting technology is ‘Ground Breaking’ for the many men who previously had no alternative but to undergo irreversible, invasive surgical implants or surgical intervention. 
Shockwave Therapy is allowing thousands of men to enjoy a wonderful return to sustained, spontaneous erections, which are re-invigorating men’s freedom as they rediscover their confidence, while returning to an active sex life.

Medical trials show ‘New Focused Shock Wave Therapy’ is a huge medical success for men of all ages who suffer from E.D. and Peyronie’s Disease, because Focused Shock Waves cure the root cause, not just the symptom.

Most men report “Life Changing Success”, returning to an active, spontaneous and sustained sex-life after a full course of treatment. It is quick, easy, pain free, non-invasive and completed in approximately 6 to 18 weeks.

The Latest Treatment From ‘Storz Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Technologies Is Here At York Therapy Centre.’

What Is The Success Rate With Shock Wave Treatment For E.D. & Peyronie’s Disease?

success rates are impressive, but will depend on the individual symptoms and intensity of symptoms…

i.e, Peyronie’s disease sufferers with a 20 to 80 degree bend will require between 6 to 18 weekly treatments and a combination of different types of  treatments alongside Shockwave treatments to succeed.

While Shockwave treatment breaks down plaque and allows underlying scarring to become malleable, introducing traction and expansion treatments at this specific point in your treatment is the secret to achieving a successful conclusion for more than 90% of our patients, here at the Center…

Medical trial results (using the advanced ‘Storz Duolith SD 1 Focused Shock Wave Machine’) showed that almost all of the men (with moderate E.D. and moderate Peyronie’s Disease) reported a significant improvement, which (in most cases) allowed for a return to spontaneous, penetrative and sustained erections, after 6 weekly sessions of 20 minuets duration.

Not all shockwave machines are the same! At this time, only the Storz Duolith SD1 Focused Shockwave machine can produce the trial results referred to, which may be why so many people are confused and disappointed with their results from treatment with much cheaper and radically different Radial’ Shock Wave Machines which most physiotherapists use in their surgeries.
Radial shockwave machines are completely different machines which are not made to be able to produce the ‘focused’ performance levels of the Storz Duolith SD 1 Focused Shock Wave machine.
Many home marketed Shock Wave Therapy machines costing between £75 and perhaps £750 or more, are little more than toys, they may sound good, but sadly there is no Sonic Shock Wave at all!

Treatment with ‘Focused Shock Wave Therapy’ for Peyronie’s Disease AND Erectile Dysfunction is extremely easy and non-invasive.

It can take as little as just 6 – 18 weekly treatments, each treatment is completed in 20 minutes.

There are no side effects, treatment is completely private and confidential. It is completely painless, while proven to be extremely effective in medical trials, it delivers sufferers with prospects of a new future and a new life!

Call our Senior Specialist Consultant Mr A. Wood, to arrange a Free and Private Initial Consultation by phone or in the Therapy Centre Clinic.

All calls are Private and Confidential.


  Most men with E.D. will see successful benefits from treatment with focused Shock Wave Therapy, this is dependent on normal neurological pathways being intact, allowing messages from the brain to travel down the spinal cord to reach all neurological systems of the physical erectile function.

E.D. sufferers who have an interrupted or broken neurological pathway, between the brain and erectile function, may not benefit from Shockwave Treatments because the signals from the brain are simply not reaching the desired erectile function. This broken pathway, may be caused by paralysis or surgical intervention for Cancers etc.

Current trials using Shock Wave Therapy ‘immediately after’ prostate surgery or prostate removal are looking hopeful so far… but we will have to wait for the final medical results to draw any of the incredibly positive conclusions, we are already seeing from part way through the trials.



What Causes E.D?

There are many causes for E.D. Ageing associated causes are the biggest, but E.D. will affect many men, from the beginning of adulthood, all the way through to men successfully treated with Shock Wave Treatment in their 90’s!

E.D. root causes are numerous, ranging from vascular degeneration to bad habits such as smoking, drinking or bad diet, to medical conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure problems, through to anxiety, stress and other psychological causes.

Early stages of E.D. often lead to a dependency on medications, such as ‘blue pills’, etc. and increased psychological stimulation including pornography. Medical trials are producing successful experiences and some incredible results from ’Shockwave Therapy for E.D.’ These results speak for themselves and explain a large increasing number of men attending our ‘York Therapy Centre’ from far and wide.

Our Specialist Consultant (Mr A. Wood) has decades of experience in Peyronie’s Disease and E.D., which only adds to our patients benefits, when combined with ‘Focused Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy’. Other treatments for the best possible results may include function exercises and medical diet information if required.

E.D. And Peyronie’s Disease Often Cause Other Illness Too!

50% of men over the ages of 40 years suffer from anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, low self-esteem, headaches and many other psychological illnesses, simply because they suffer from the stress and anxiety caused by Peyronie’s disease and or erectile dysfunction; New technological advances in Shockwave treatment for physical E.D. and Peyronie’s Disease is an exciting ‘game changer’ for urologists, doctors and E.D. sufferers all over the world and it’s making the cure of some E.D. easy, painless, affordable and quick.

Many men mistakenly believe their Peyronie’s or E.D. cannot be helped, or they feel too embarrassed to seek help. “Today’s technology means that almost ALL Peyronie’s and E.D. can be fixed”. Don’t allow yourself to suffer in silence, nor waste one more day. Getting your sex life back gives you your whole life back too, from your confidence to your family and your relationships. Life changing ‘Successful Treatment’ using Shock Wave Therapy, will not break the bank and brings a positive change to your whole outlook, life and future!

Call For A Free Initial Consultation to Assess Your Symptoms and Treatment Suitability.

If you are suitable for treatment with Shock Wave Therapy, getting your Life and sex-life back with the treatment is simple, easy, painless, and completed in just a few weeks.

Call our Senior Specialist Consultant Mr A. Wood now for a Free and Private initial Consultation. If he is busy simply leave your name and number, when Mr Wood calls you back he will not say where he is calling from, this protects your confidentiality.

All calls are Private and Confidential.

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